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Responsive Web Application Development

We design and build custom web apps that give you and your customers the best experience possible.

Things we solve

From basic websites to implementing highly customized and tailored solutions that solve the needs of your business, we develop effective systems that are intuitive, high performing, flexible, beautiful and responsive to all devices.

Integrated Solutions

Connect to existing solutions from your app. Pull in data from 3rd parties, connect to CRMs, ERPs, payment processors, digital marketing tools, API's and far more.

eCommerce Solutions

Custom online shopping systems, inventory management systems, custom fulfillment processes, EDI, and more.

Process Automation

Automate manual processes that cost your company time and expense. If you aren't sure what you can automate, we can do that analysis for you and make proposals.

Databases and Reporting

Saving your data securely in a database for it can be leveraged for building custom reports, dashboards, data mining, optimizations and more.

Maintenance and Training

At McNally Software, we are able to provide on-demand maintenance and support. Maintenance and support are critical to business success.

App Migration

Need help migrating your app from one platform to another? Let us handle it and free yourself up to focus on growing your business.

Did you know?

Not having security built into your web application can doom your business? Every day, all day, hackers are searching for vulnerabie systems that they can attack. This could cost you big time. At McNally Software, we know what to do in order to protect your business and your reputation.

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Web-apps tailored to your business

We know 'your' space and can deliver true value to your firm and your customers. We tailor solutions to give you an edge over your competition and save your business time, expense and stress. If you can think it, we can do it.

Custom Web Applications

Most businesses opt for web applications over traditional software because of their development speed and flexibility. We can prototype, develop, and optimize your custom software product.

Custom Portals

Customer portals are one of the most important pieces to any web application. We build all types of portals. Portals that show order or account status, allow service management, custom reporting, admin panels, and more.

Custom eCommerce

eCommerce web applications enable your customers to place orders for products or services. eCommerce apps that we build can be configurable, allowing your staff to manage adding, updating, and removing new products and services without any technical expertise.

Other Types of Web Apps

We can build web apps for inventory management, geo-tracking, planning, data collection and reporting, and much more. The sky is the limit. Everything is possible at McNally Software.