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Data Analytics & Reporting

Our specialists will help with dataoverload, storage issues, and make sense of your Big Data. Our team will take on the analytics for you, so you can tackle bigger business decisions with ease and confidence.

Things we solve

We open the doors for your business to enhance performance in a data-driven industry. We enable our clients to achieve quick insights into key business metrics. From data mining, machine learning, predictive modeling and analysis, decision process optimizations, and more; we have you covered.

Predictive Modeling & Analysis

Predict and forecast likely future outcomes for your business. Our specialists will combine data mining and machine learning leveraging current, existing and historical data. Gain the edge.

Business Intelligence Reporting

We create solutions that will show the right data to the right people at the right time. We help your business get the most strategic value from your data with tailored and customizable visualizations.

Data Mining

Parnter with us to find anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data-sets to predict business outcomes. Increase your revenue, cut costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risk and more.

Data Storage

Need to select a data storage solution? It can be daunting but we have you covered. Need to collect data from users, sensors or something else? We'll handle it end-to-end.

Pattern & Trend Detection

Our team of experts will create machine learning algorithms targeted to identify patterns and trends within your data - enabling you to make highly impactful strategic decisions quickly.

Smart Dashboards

We create smart dashboards where you can combine multiple views of data to get richer insights. These dashboards are perfectly tailored to help your business get the most from your data for informed decision making.

Data Alert Systems

Want to be alerted when a specific pattern or trend is emerging or if a data-point meets a custom criteria? Our specialists will create a fully customizable and configurable alerting system that can notify you in-real-time.

Decision Support Tools

We optimize decision making procesess by custom-tailoring solutions that perfectly layout the decision making factors and criteria that need be considered; automating every step in your decision making processes.

Custom Reports

Our custom report team creates custom visualizations and reporting dashboards. The reports we design can pull in real-time data, historical data, perform calculations to derive values, and so much more. We are a great partner to have.

Did you know?

Being able to predict the most likely outcomes in the future based-on historical data is the key to the future of your business. Most of your competitors will not have a way to partially make future predictions which means that you can change the game. Maximize your sales potential, optimize your marketing campaigns, drastically reduce risk, cut costs, improve operations and processes, and so much more.

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Thrive in the Age of Digital

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data, the possibilities are endless. Most businesses aren't even aware that they can run laps around their competition by leveraging modern data analytics and reporting. In fact, soon it'll be needed just to survive. At McNally Software, we bring the modern world of limitless potential to businesses like yours. Make near-accurate future predictions to help drive key business decisions. We're talking leaps where your competition is taking steps. Automate decision making or support the decision making process. Dynamically show the right data to the right people, at the right time. Partner with McNally Software to realize your true business potential.


Retail Big Data Analytics

Retailers have faced tremendous changes in shopping patterns, behaviors, and habits the last few years, in-part due to Covid-19. The undertone of constant uncertainty still exists. Big Data analytics, predictive modeling and other techniques and solutions are how eCommerce, local stores, and mass-merchants can equip themselves to thrive during disruption. We can help you gain the right insights when you need them.

brain AI

brain AI
Manufacturing Analytics

For manufacturers, identifying factors leading to reduced quality and production defects is critical. Same goes for optimizing parts, distribution and service resources. Future survival will depend on being AI-driven to minimize risk and to seize opportunities through deep operational insight which can be obtained by coupling data mining, predictive analytics, big data and customizable dashboards. Partner with McNally Software to deliver results. We have many years of experience in the world of manufacturing.

AI in Banking and Finance

With regulatory compliance requirements constantly changing and customer demands shifting, a bank's survival depends on its ability to gain relevant insight from all of its data. From fighting back against bank fraud and other financial related crimes, to managing risk related to credit and government regulation, to improving your customers experience and more... it starts with data and what you do with that data. AI is the answer. Our specialists can convert customer experience into customer engagement or help you predict fraudulent transactions in real-time by analyzing behavioral patterns. Leverage our team of experts and years of experience in the world of finance to help you harness the power of modern AI.


Data Center

Data Analytics:
5 Benefits For Your Business

  • Personalize Customer Experience: Use Data Analytics to create comprehensive profiles of your target customer from data collected internally and even externally. Gain insights into customer behavior to provide a near-personalized experience to drive sales.

  • Inform Decision Making: Gain valuable predictive insights to guide business decisions to get the most from your marketing campaigns, to drive sales, to reduce financial loss, and far more.

  • Streamline Operations: Improve operational efficiency through data analytics. Determine where your bottlenecks and also predict future problems and solve for them well in advance.

  • Risk Mitigation: Data analytics can help your business understand risks so you can take preventative measures. Run a statistical model that can predict future events to determine your high-risk areas and more.

  • Enhancing Business Security: Leverage the power of predictive analysis in your combat against future attacks against your organization. You can even run it continuously to monitor for anomalies and alert the right people in real-time.

  • Partner with McNally Software: Harness the power of data analytics for your business. Our Data Analytics experts can help set you up for long-term sustainable success.