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Software Testing and QA

We provide turn-key manual and automation testing and quality assurance services, providing time and cost-savings to our clients and peace-of-mind in knowing their reputation is secure.

Things we solve

Our team of QA and Test Engineers adhere to the Integrated Manual and Automation Testing (IMAAT) approach to optimize testing time. We'll analyze your testing needs and determine where repetitive manual testing task automation will give you the best ROI. In addition, we provide extensive end-to-end QA and testing services including test-suite documentation, analysis, and layered manual and automation testing.

Test Automation

Automate costly repetitive manual testing tasks through test automation end-to-end. We'll analyze all testing processes and determine where you'll get the best ROI.

Functional Testing

We'll test all functional capabilities to ensure your software solutions fully meet functional requirements. We do API and UI/UX functional testing.

Integration Testing

Our test engineers will test software following the integration of individual software modules to verify the software solution fully conforms to the requirements and register defects where it does not.

Performance Testing

Having a high-performing software solution is a pillar to success. Our performance testing aims to ensure the software properly functions under various load conditions.

Usability Testing

Usabiility, logical flow and arrangement of UI elements, the layout, the number of usage steps, and ease of use are a key focus for us. We also do UX audits and research.

Regression Testing

We regression test existing capabilities following the introduction of new changes. Our testers can automate regression testing tasks which tend to be time consuming and repetitive.

Did you know?

By not properly testing software that your business relies on prior to deployment, there is a significant increase of risk in facing excessive expenses post-launch due to potential emergency defect fixes that must be addressed; risk to your business' brand reputation and credibility with your user-base, delayed product launches, and more. Your brand reputation is critical to your success and a single bad experience can have a ripple effect that could be very difficult to come back from.

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Software Testing and QA

Our QA and Test Engineers are here to give your bottom line a boost by automating your repetitive manual testing tasks and making sure that your business is providing quality value to your user-base. We'll help you preserve your brand reputation by catching problems ranging from minor defects to potentially catastrophic ones before they ever make it to your users.

Manual Test Automation

Automating time consuming and costly repetitive manual tests can have a significant impact on your bottom-line while also reducing the likelihood of human error. Our experts automate functional tests, UI and UX tests as well as API testing. Automating testing tasks can have a significant impact on your bottom-line while preserving your brand, your credibility and your standards.

IoT Application Testing

There are 4 pillars of IoT testing that our IoT Test Engineers focus on. The first is Functional testing where each individual application component is isolated and tested. The end-to-end flow is also tested extenstively. The second pillar is Integration testing where our team ensures that application components can communicate seamlessly. The third pillar is Security testing where we test to make sure that your system can hold up under cyber threat. The fourth pillar is Performance testing where we measure the latency, throughput, CPU utilization and response times under various simulated conditions.

Microservices Testing

We test microservices to not only ensure that the services work and perform as desired; we also feed data that the services are not expecting to see how they handle it. A common flaw in microservices is that they were not built defensively. We also perform regression testing and performance testing.

Big Data Testing

Our QA and testing specialists apply testing practices relevant to big data projects such as Functional testing, Integration testing, Performance and Security testing, Data Warehouse testing, and non-relational database testing.