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Mobile Application Development

We design and build custom mobile apps for IOS, Android, and Windows that enable your customers to take you everywhere they go.

Things we solve

We engineer the most amazing mobile apps from scratch or expertly revamp your current mobile application through customizable features, 3rd party integrations, and other modifications. McNally Software is highly proficient in engineering custom-built mobile apps for IOS, Android, and Windows. Leverage our expertise at an affordable rate.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

We build enterprise-level mobile apps that meet reliability and security requirements to increase productivity, streamline workflows, and provide greater visiblity and control.

UI/UX Design/Development

When creating new or enhancing existing mobile apps, we ensure that the look and feel meets your needs by creating new designs to improve navigation, responsiveness, and aesthetics.

Web to Mobile

Have a web application but not a mobile application to support users who prefer mobile? We'll help you meet your customers where they are at by custom converting your web app to a beautiful, high performing mobile app.

Integrated solutions

Want to integrate existing capabilities into your mobile app? You tell us what you want and we'll seamlessly tailor 3rd party integrations into your app to give your customers features that they truly desire.

IoT and Mobile

Have a network of smart things that need to be managed? We create smart IoT mobile apps that do just that with a custom dashboard for visualizing data, optimized exactly to your requirements.

Mobile Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance and support on mobile apps that we build or that someone else built. This includes performance tuning, making enhancements, fixing any issues that might arise.

Did you know?

In 2018 (years ago), download projections were at 269 'Billion' for mobile applications? That is around 33 apps for every person on Earth. It is more important than ever to ensure you offer your customers the convenience of a mobile application.

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Cloud-Based App Solutions

Cloud-based mobile applications are a big deal in today's world. We can deliver secure, high-performing mobile cloud-based apps quipped with local data caching and more.

Bluetooth and IoT Capabilities

McNally Software creates custom mobile applications with Bluetooth capabilities that can connect the world around you. If you are building IoT devices that are Bluetooth capable, we can help you provide a solution that enables you to collect data from your device(s) to be displayed or managed right from your web or mobile application.

Custom-Tailored Mobile Apps

We specialize in creating mobile applications for startups, small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large corporations to streamline workflow, provide feature rich solutions that are custom or integrated, leveraging modern development technologies. We not only create mobile apps for our clients that work well, we carefully architect them in a way that can scale and evolve overtime.

GPS & GIS Capabilities

McNally Software implements GPS and GIS capabilities into new or existing applications to serve a variety of needs such as geo-tracking, location tagging, navigation, timing and more.

Camera and Video Capabilities

We build mobile apps that can access the camera and video capabilities built into mobile devices that serve your business objectives. Capure photo's with your mobile application, access your built in photo gallery, and submit photo's and video right from your mobile application.

Leverage Built-in Sensors

From tilt sensors to health and wellness sensors, to vibration sensors, to sound sensors, to proximity sensors, and more; mobile devices today have many great sensors already built right in. Mobile apps that we create can leverage these built-in sensors to serve your customers.