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Custom eCommerce Development

We build fully custom eCommerce websites to provide your customers a premium online ordering experience. The quality of work we do will help you win over demanding modern consumers.

Things we solve

The eCommerce world is ripe for growth. We are experts in developing equisite, revenue boosting online market-places, B2C and B2B eCommerce solutions, microservice-based eCommerce apps, headless commerce and online multistore apps as well as beautifully crafted web portals.

B2B eCommerce

We build eCommerce solutions to support Business-to-Business sales / ordering systems crafted with 'your' target customer in-mind. Personalize your buyers experience through strategic funneling workflows.

B2C eCommerce

We build Business-to-Consumer eCommerce applications that specifically target the audience you are after. With proven strategic workflows and custom sales funnels we can help give you the edge over your competition.

Online Marketplaces

We create marketplaces for your products/services based on various models of seller engagement, order procesing, and revenue management. Serve your sellers, consumers and admins with an exquisitely tailored solution.

IoT Powered Commerce

We create IoT applications that aggregate data from sensors and devices connected to the internet enabling your business to give your customers an experience they'll share with others and never forget.

Headless Commerce

We'll architect your solution to decouple the front and back-end commerce capabilities so it can be further customized in the future without interfering with the decoupled capabilities.

Online Multistore

We are experts in enabling your international expansion, brand separation or multi-segment targeting using a multistore model. We can provide you a single admin panel to manage it all.

Web Portals

We build beautiful custom web portals branded and built for your business to meet your customers where they are at. Provide the most relevant info to your customers for their context.

Existing eCommerce Revamp

Is your current eCommerce solution not working for you? Are you looking for enhancements or fixes? We can convert your existing solution into one that does its job.

AI Powered eCommerce

Power your custom eCommerce solution with AI to personalize your customers experience, automate workflows, and boost sales opportunities. McNally Software has dedicated specialists ready to meet your needs.

Did you know?

In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide were expected to buy goods and services online? In fact, online sales accounted for over 14% of all retail sales on Earth back in 2019. By 2023, it is anticipated it will reach 22%. These 2 statics came from Statista. Nasdaq predicts that 95% of all retail purchases will be made online by or before 2040. Its important to position yourself online in the world of eCommerce as soon as possible.

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eCommerce Success Factors

Many things must be considered and weighed heavily in order to have a successful eCommerce implementation. How descriptive must your products be? What will the page layout be since some work for your space and some won't? Are you maximizing your sales effectively or are you leaving money on the table? Are you building trust with your base? Does your payment system flow well and is it credible? Take a look at the following sub-sections to get a little more information on-topic.


Your Product Store

The higher the value of the products you are selling, the more detailed and comprehensive your product descriptions should be. Extensive thought must be put into the type of content that will let the product sell itself. No one will be there to answer your customer's questions. Providing 3D views of your products are highly effective. Including a video that speaks to the product and possibly another that shows your customers how to use the product. What are the product specs? Can a viewer see them and download them? These are just a couple of things to think through. To add to that, page layout matters tremendously.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels are highly effective in selling additional products or services that otherwise wouldn't have been considered by your customer. Don't miss sales opportunities. When your customer adds a product to their cart, 'funnel' them to the next product (or products) that your customer would most likely love to purchase. When your customer is ready to complete their order; instead of taking them right to the payment screen, your customer could be presented with other offers that might interest them. Setting up effective sales funnels can make a massive difference to your bottom-line.

Building the Brand

Depending on the type of business, an eCommerce solution should focus on building the brand first. Establishing trust and credibility with the target audience is crucial to success. One example would be a manufacturing corporation that takes custom orders through their online store. Prospects would be required to upload the specifications. Those prospects would need to feel secure in doing this. Our eCommerce and brand positioning specialists will build the right solution for your business and guide you through the branding process.

Consider Geography

Depending on your business goals, it is worth considering the possibility of having a multistore eCommerce solution. This is where you have multiple stores with subtle differences. Sell different products tailored to a given geographic location; or perhaps change the look and feel or user experience.

Dealing with Backorders

When a product runs out of stock, there are a couple avenues you can take. One is to block purchases for the product and the other is to notify your customers that they can backorder the product (if possible). Sometimes, this can be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.

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