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Hire a Dedicated Team

Hire a dedicated team of software specialists full or part-time solely dedicated to your business. Develop out and launch new high-quality solutions, features, and enhancements rapidly with our resources without the risk of having to hire direct.

Our Dedicated Team Model

We have the most highly skilled designers, developers, automation specialists, testers, architects, cloud experts and more that we can dedicate to your business and your business alone. Hire a 'Grade-A' team of any size with just the right skill sets for your project. Your dedicated team will fit right in with your existing team or they will operate as your team to drive results.

IT Staff Augmentation

Augment your existing teams by hand-picking the talent you need from our diverse pool of skill sets. The resources you hire will fit right in and help your team deliver value.

Decicated Software Team

Hire a dedicated Agile and Lean software delivery team from our diverse pool of seasoned skill-sets. No need to worry about the burden of hiring direct. We'll help you hand-pick best-fit resources.

Dedicated Agile Coaches

Our SAFe Agile coaches will help your development value streams adopt Agile 'the right way'. Drastically improve workflow, speed, skill growth, quality, team alignment, transparency and more. HIre a coach here.

Dedicated Scrum Masters

Hire from our pool of SAFe certified, seasoned Scrum Masters to help build your delivery teams into high-performing teams; significantly impacting your bottom-line for years to come.

Dedicated Release Train Engineers

Our RTE's will lead the Agile Release Train's (ART) within your portfolio to deliver value frequently. They'll form and lead SAFe Agile ceremonies for your ARTs and improve your value streams.

Dedicated Technical Leadership

Hire from our pool of highly trained technical leads, architects, technical consultants to lead your existing teams in delivering quality value..

Did you know?

The "Dedicated Team Model" has numerous advantages over hiring a team direct. Leveraging this model can have significant economic benefits. It is more cost effective across the board from saving on labor costs, to eliminating the need for administrative processes, legalities, and competing for expert talent. Dedicated teams offer adaptability and focus and you also have full control over your new resources matching the feel of having a team in-house. Dedicated teams provide quick development cycles and it also promotes collaboration.

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Hiring Dedicated Resources

Hire resources dedicated to nothing but your business. You tell us what you need and we find the best-fit resources for the job. It's hassle free; you get a team up and running swiftly, and you can avoid all of the overhead associated with recruiting and hiring in-house resources. One of the big perks of hiring through McNally Software is that we'll assign a project manager at no additional cost to you for all dedicated software hire's.


Hiring Agile Transformation Specialists

Being Agile is a defacto standard in the world of software. McNally Software has SAFe certified Agile Transformation specialists and coaches to help you implement the Scaled Agile ceremonies into your flow. Our specialists will be dedicated to improving and growing your business. When you hire an Agile Transformation expert, they'll devise an actionable roadmap to deliver the transformation and work with your teams to build out their workflows and leadership to gather metrics so you can measure progress on a team by team basis and more. Your transformation specialist will also coach your in-house staff in leading Agile teams, ceremonies and show them how to promote team growth.

Hiring Dedicated Developers

We have a large pool of highly talented, educated, and seasoned developers with exactly the skill sets you require. Whether you need Java developers proficient in outdated or modern frameworks, PHP developers, React developers, Cloud developers, Vue developers, Angular developers, AI and Machine Learning developers, Mobile developers or other skill sets, McNally Software can match the right talent for the job. Our developers are highly proficient in design thinking, Lean and Agile processes, documentations, software development, cloud technologies and far more.

Augment Existing Teams

We have resources for every job. If you already have an in-house team and are looking to add another developer, designer, cloud solutions architect, tester or another resource with a targeted skill-set, we can quickly and seamlessly match you with the perfect fit. We center ourselves around leaving teams better than we found them. Our highly trained, educated, and seasoned resources will work with your team to promote engagement, agility, process improvements, and more. We want to make sure that we do our part in leveraging our expertise to positively impact your business for years to come.

Machine Learning and Big Data

Hire Big Data experts to make sense of your data by uncovering patterns as well as trends. The resource you hire from McNally Software can also accelerate the process through our high-level of knowledge around Machine Learning, helping to form decision making algorithms that can have a massive impact on your organization.

Hiring IoT Software Specialists

Finding amazing talent in the IoT space has never been easier. McNally Software has the best resources on the market ready to work for you. Hire an IoT Software Specialist from our pool of diverse talent and let them help you innovate. They'll bounce ideas with you, design solutions that meet your needs, develop them out, perform the testing and maintain what you, your team and your dedicated resource build. You can hire a dedicated IoT resource quickly and bring them on at any stage in the lifecycle.