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Custom Database Design and Development

Carefully crafting your database or data warehouse design and developing it out in a way that ensures security, organization, easy authorized access, and scalability.

Things we solve

We design and develop custom normalized databases and data warehouses that can scale. Collect data from web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, robot cells, and IoT sensors and we'll make sure you have a clean, organized, secure, and easily accessible place to store it for use in your applications or for reporting.

Customer Database Software

Manage customer profiles, contacts, related documents, orders and more quickly and easily to deliver exceptional customer service to your base.

Marketing Database Software

Store your marketing strategy, email list, marketing content, blogs, brand positioning data, marketing images, metrics and statistics and have an application to manage it all.

Inventory Database Software

Record inventory data, track your inventory's location, track defects and where those defects were created. We provide full service inventory tracking and management software solutions.

Membership Database Software

Keep track of your members, fees, events and more. Coordinate with volunteers and recruit new resources.

Equipment Database Software

Collect equipment data to track performance or to be alerted when something goes wrong. Reduce downtime and stay proactive with periodic scheduled maintenance operations.

Real-Estate Database Software

Match leads and agents, track leads for marketing, and keep a transaction record for tax season.

Employee Database Software

Keep employee data centralized, accessible and secure. Onboard new resources with ease. Easily assign training to your staff for continued growth and monitor their performance.

Patient Database Software

Manage patient data for your health, dental, theraputic or coaching practice without having to worry about security and compliance e.g. (HIPPA, HITECH, FDASIA, ACA, HL7, ANSI, X12, and others)

Data Warehouse

Optimally store production data in a data warehouse for your reporting and analytics needs.

Did you know?

There is no one-size-fits-all database solution. By forcing a one-size-fits-all solution for data storage, it could undercut your entire business model. When designing a database solution, businesses must consider their own business needs now and into the future. Even the selection of the database platform must be tailored to current and future business considerations. We are highly trained in extracting the information needed to help you select the right platform and to properly model your data in a way that matches your specific business needs for years to come.

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Custom Database Solutions

We provide end-to-end database selection, design, and development services tailored to your current business needs while also considering what your needs might be in the future also.


Database Consulting

Not everyone is specialized in the world of databases and that is okay. By choosing McNally Software as your partner, you'll immediately have access to the most highly skilled database engineers in the market, with many years of experience coupled with an excellent education. We will design, build, test, and integrate your database using industry best practices, proven methodologies, techniques, and technologies.

Data Mining

A challenge many company's face is the access of high-quality data while managing huge amounts of dataflow coming to your platform. We will work on your system architecture to automate manual time-heavy tasks and processes such as mining data, indexation and structurization.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data is just data unless we know what to do with that data. We can work with you to build strategies and technologies that will help you gain actionable insights into your organization. Our BI experts will gather information through automated processes, reports, dashboards and forecasts enabling you to gain the edge in your space and tackle new business opportunities.

Data Integration

Making the right data available to the right people at the right time is how you make the most of the data that you have. Our Data Integration services are designed to make your data processing protocol as efficient and as valuable as possible.

System Migration

Every now and then, systems start to become outdated and become an anchor that holds up your workflow. When it's time to make an upgrade McNally Software can help you securely and safely automate your data transfer or data merging protocol. Maintaining data integrity is our highest priority.