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Custom Software Development

We design and build custom software solutions tailored to your needs whether its creating a smart city, reading and translating sensor data, collecting data from robot cells or developing out the navigation systems for a space craft.

Things we solve

From point of sale software solutions, to reading and translating sensor data into useful information, to badging systems using RFID technologies... we have you covered. We are a trusted leader here to serve you.

Prototyping & MVP Development

Are you looking to get funding? Do you need to prove your concept in the market? We will design and develop your prototype and get you the MVP you need.

Embedded Software Solutions

Need a mobile handheld scanning system for inventory tracking? What about point of sale solutions? We are a leader in the world of IoT and embedded software systems.

Process Automation

Automate manual processes that cost your company time and expense. If you aren't sure what you can automate, we can do that analysis for you and make proposals.

Product Development

We align to your specific business needs and innovate 'with' you. Our end-to-end software based product development will get you what you need, when you need it.

Cell Control and Inventory Tracking

We are experts in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and can work with you to boost through-put and track inventory.

Point of Sale

At McNally Software, we are able to provide on-demand maintenance and support. Maintenance and support are critical to business success.

Did you know?

Many business owners have considered custom software development because prepackaged software has so many limits. What will happen to your business if you realize too late that your software doesn’t have exactly what you need? An initial investment to build a tailored solution for your business could save you a lot of time, cost, and effort in the future.

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Custom Software

Do you buy or build? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. When you build vs. buy, you get 'exactly' what you need including the foundation for future growth and change. When you buy, you are limited now and in the future to whatever your vendor makes available. Make the right choice for your business. Building tailored software is an investment that lasts.

Inventory Tracking and Management

Especially in manufacturing, tracking inventory is critical. Knowing where your inventory is at any given point in time can save you a world of trouble. Knowing exactly where defects are happening or where your processes are slow can enable you to know what to tweak to boost through-put.


The world is run with IoT technologies. There are many different types of sensors on the market. Sensors are used to sense the world around them just like us humans do. We are experts in IoT and can work with you to bring your ideas to life; pioneering the future.

RFID Solutions

RFID technogogies are used to track inventory, badge into doors to track the comings and goings of your staff or cars in a parking lot and more. You can track your tools if you're in construction and you can use RFID to know when and when not to unlock a door. We are your RFID experts.

Automating Manual Processes

When you have manual processes that you pay for year after year, its time to contact McNally Software. Automating your manual processes can save your business an enormous amount of money year after year. If you aren't sure what can be automated we can come in, review and analyze your manual processes to help you determine where you can significantly cut costs.