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Custom Cloud Solutions

Our team of Cloud Solution specialists and strategists will develop a cloud strategy tailored to your business. We migrate legacy systems to the cloud; combine IoT, AI, and the Cloud; implement machine learning solutions

Things we solve

We work with businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 in harnessing the power of the cloud. Our team will work with your business to define a cloud strategy that is right for your business. From large scale cloud migrations to initial product launches, we will strategize and implement the most effective solution tailored to your business needs.

Legacy Cloud Migrations

Our cloud strategists, architects, and engineers will carefully plan out and execute the migration of your legacy applications to the cloud; enabling your business to rapidly scale while cutting on-premise operations costs.

CI/CD Pipelines

Let us help you streamline your software delivery process through automation. Drastically improve your time-to-market and automatically enforce your standards related to coding, security and QA.

Cloud-App Development

We develop domain-driven designs using DevOps tools such as Node.js, Kubernetes, Kotlin, Docker, Gitlab, and many more enabling automated management experiences across hybrid, private, and public cloud.

Big-Data Cloud Solutions

Leveraging the power of cloud computing, McNally Software will meet your business needs through big-data storage processing and optimized visualization.

AI-Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud and AI teams harness the power of AI cloud environments to create machine learning platforms, smart chatbots, societal & environmental impact solutions, and so much more.

IoT Cloud Solutions

We combine the world of IoT with the cloud; enabling us to deliver some of the most innovative and advanced solutions, helping you pioneer the future.

Multi-Cloud App Development

We build multi-cloud applications that leverage numerous cloud services to promote performance optimization, cost control, and flexibility based on business-need.

Cloud Integrations

We'll take your existing business software solutions and integrate them with cloud applications to promote cost-savings, reliability, and increase IT infrastructure.

Cloud Mobile App Development

Our team of cloud experts develop cloud mobile apps designed to bring the most value to yoru user-base, while also promoting scalability, unlimited data storage, high-performance and more.

Did you know?

The market for cloud computing was projected to reach $106 billion way back in 2016. Between 2017 and now, the public cloud grew approximately 44%. Will it continue to grow? Why? And what does it mean for your business?

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Custom Cloud Solutions

The cloud has opened a world of opportunity for businesses spanning every industry. Here at McNally Software, we have cloud strategists, cloud solutions architects, Software and DevOps engineers, analysts and advisors who are dedicated strategizing and crafting cloud migrations, solutions, and services that have the potential to significantly impact your bottom-line.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Delivering 'quality' value frequently is the most important thing you can do for your business. Having a streamlined software delivery process is what separates competitors who rake in market-share from ones who do not. Unlike most firms who offer DevOps services, we will build out pipelines that fit your organization; however, we'll also work with your firm to help you adopt a DevOps culture. We'll equip your organization with the ability to effect change and move it to market very quickly while simultaneously auto-enforcing your software security standards, technical standards and best practices.

Combining IoT, AI, and the Cloud

The coupling of IoT, AI, and the cloud presents a diverse set of new opportunities to create value for your business. Create new efficiencies and stronger customer relationships by gaining insights from the vast amounts of IoT data that we help you collect or data that has been collected elsewhere. Use cloud powered AI to make your devices or machines more intelligent, enabling your business to meet the growing demands for innovative impactful solutions that meet your target audience where they want to be met.

Machine Learning

WIth vast amounts of data that collected from any source imaginable, machine learning in particular can bring your business to the next level and give you a significant edge over your competition. Our machine learning specialists will work with your business to ensure that you get the maximum value from your data. Spot patterns and provide cognitive capabilities across large volumes of data; gain a deeper understanding of your customers to maximize conversions and more.

Cloud Security

We integrate security at every stage of the cloud app development life-cycle. We factor security into source code repositories and build management programs; we incorporate it into the deployment tools and the release pipeline, and we secure your data through encryption and SSL or TSL. We enforce authentication, dump critical comprehensive logs and more.


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Cloud Benefits

  • Cost Effective: Moving applications to the Cloud could make a significant impact on your business' bottom-line.

  • Scalable: Pay only for what you need when you need it. As your business evolves, you don't need to buy, maintain, and support additional hardward or software; you can scale your resources on-demand and even automatically.

  • Security: Your data is automatically backed-up and encrypted and Cloud providers are constantly monitoring and updating their security features. In addition, there are many other security related capabilities that can be leveraged.

  • Faster Time-to-Market Being in the Cloud, you are well positioned to deliver value to your customers far more frequently without being forced to sacrifice quality.

  • Reliability: Reduced risk of data-loss and downtime. Most Cloud vendors have SLA's that guarantee 99% uptime.

  • Speedy Disaster Recovery: Cloud vendors such as AWS and Azure are fully responsible for backing up your stuff and handling disaster recovery efforts.

  • Advanced Monitoring Get a birds-eye view of all your systems. Keep up with dynamic changes to your environments.

  • AI Capabilities From custom metrics, automated anomaly detection, root cause analysis, problem remediation and more; Keep things running smoothly.

  • Going Green: A selling point to your customers is that you are environment-conscious. Reducing or eliminating your on-site servers and off-site recovery systems reduce your carbon foot-print while simultaneously saving your business money.

Choosing a Cloud Migration Strategy