Embedded Software

Why do I need Embedded Software?

Embedded Software is software written to control devices and/or machines. This type of software can gather data from sensors and use the information however you wish. Embedded software can be made to work directly with a web application or control the motions of a robot. Some examples of embedded software systems are in your television set, your children’s toys, security systems, various digital devices and appliances.

Are you looking to collect data from scientific instruments? Do you have an idea for an invention but don’t know how to get it off the ground with your first prototype? These are just a couple of ways in which you can utilize this service that our firm offers. Right here at McNally Software we are highly skilled in this arena and we will customize the perfect embedded software solution that fits your needs best. We are here to turn your idea(s) into a real live reality for you or your organization from ground up. (Designs and Prototypes)… Our work is guaranteed.

Do we handle custom hardware solutions as well?

We have partnered with a firm that handles all custom hardware solutions. If you hire us to write an embedded software solution for you, we will team up with you and the custom hardware solution provider to create your final product in the most cost effective way possible. The software we write will be custom made to work with the hardware components as required.

Sensors – How we can use them
There are so many sensors on the market today. No matter the case, you are going to want to control certain actions based on actions such as button clicks, motion detection, infrared detection, air quality, audio detection, tilt sensing and much more.
When your device detects something from one of your sensors, your custom embedded software solution can take that information and do ‘anything’ you can possibly imagine with it (collect the data, display something on an LCD screen, sound an alarm, crack some eggs for breakfast, stop a conveyor, release a pallet into a machine, and many more things). For us, we would absolutely love to be a part of the next big idea that could change the world. Maybe your idea will be the next in line.


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