Desktop Application Development

What is a Desktop Application?

While not as popular these days due to the endless power of the Internet, a desktop application is not something that needs to be accessed via the internet. Instead, these types of applications are installed right on a single machine and can be run right from there. In fact, being on a computer right now, you most likely have some applications that you can access right from your desktop.

We will custom design and develop a desktop solution that meets your goals and business objectives. We’ll work closely with you to determine what exactly it is you are looking to accomplish and help you devise the perfect solution with the most up-to-date technology.
Your customized desktop solution can work directly with your database or integrate with web applications / other software. Whether you need an emulator to test robot cells, a text editor, a tracking program, or anything else you can image; there is simply no limit to what you can do. If you can imagine it, it is certainly doable, and we are here to turn it into a reality for you.

Migrating a Desktop Application to a Web Application

Many organizations these days are steering away from desktop applications toward web applications. Sometimes, this is simply not an option. The decision is entirely based on your needs. However if you need to migrate a desktop application over to the web, we will be happy to assist you. First, we would help you determine if it is necessary and lay your options on the table for you.


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