Database Solutions

Why do I need a Database?

In today’s world, it is critical to have a database in place to sustain your company. Your software programs may depend on the data you collect for many reasons. Some examples would include validating that a user is who they say they are, displaying product information, making calculations based on data that you have stored, reporting and many other scenarios… Your software may also depend on having the ability to store information such as user input, or behind the scenes data manipulation.
By having a database, you can also give your entire organization an edge in your industry by utilizing the power of business intelligence and reporting.

This is done by setting up a Data-Warehouse that collects data based off data that is stored in your everyday database. Your competitors are likely to be using a business intelligent approach and you can too. You can give yourself the ability to predict market trends; what products or services are popular and in what areas are they popular in? What is the demographic of your customers? These small examples barely scratch the surface; however, having the ability to make highly educated decisions for your business can really help you grow and sustain your business for many years to come.

Custom Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers

Stored Procedures can be a complete software program designed and developed to manage your database or aspects of it. They can be invoked from within the database or from your custom software solution.
Functions perform some kind of behavior within your database and can return one or more values to be used somewhere else. A function can calculate values and return the sum of two or more values that you can display back to your user within your custom software program. A function can be used for doing data validations or it can be used for a number of other reasons (that suite your needs).
Triggers are like functions that are placed on your database tables. For example, the moment a new record (some new data) is stored into your database table, a trigger can be used to take that data and perform an action that meets your business objectives. These can be quite handy when needed.
We are highly skilled in these areas of database development and will be able to provide you top quality, high performing solutions if you require these services. As always, our work is guaranteed.
If you’d like to learn more about whether or not functionality of this nature can help you in your business goals, please reach out to us via the different options we offer on our site to obtain some free guidance by one of our consultants.


Database Design and Development

Every organization that has a database has one that fits their exact business structure; each ultimately utilizing the same concept. You may want provide your HR department a user interface that allows them to enter new hire information and store it digitally in a database to be accessed later. You may want to record your customers information, their orders, and more… Perhaps, you want to have a website for your business or an internal employee operated software program that displays certain ‘dynamic’ options that they can select from. You may want to make business processes configurable. The list goes on and on…
Dependent on your needs, our staff are highly skilled in database technologies. We can work with your existing database and make enhancements and/or additions to it as needed or we can design and develop your database for you from the ground up to meet any need you have.
As with any project, the design is the most important aspect. We will create the design and review it with you and make changes to it until we have your approval to move forward with the development. Once we have your approval, we will provide you complete and quality work, guaranteed by McNally Software. Design documentation is packaged and provided to you at the completion of the project.


For the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is our niche. In fact, our founder started this company after working in the manufacturing arena for some time as a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Software Engineer. As you know, the terminology alone is one of the many obstacles faced when a manufacturing organization is in need of outsourcing software development.
You need skilled engineers already familiar with the industry, the lingo, and the ins and outs of how things are generally run. McNally Software has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and not only can we meet your needs, we can exceed them and can propose solutions to you that you may have never thought of yourself.
Our expertise in the manufacturing arena gives us a ‘huge’ step up over our competition when it comes to working for you. We can create complete custom solutions for you know matter the project. We have some amazing tricks up our sleeves that we can bring directly to your organization. Whether it has to do with customizing a complete shop floor material management system from ground up, an auditing system, decision support tools, automated recipe selection / generation, automated line assignment, PID grouping or other various custom solutions, we are your go to. We will collaborate with your users to find the solution that best suits their needs ‘keeping efficiency, quality, re usability, configurability and performance as top priority’.
We can help you expand your current database to meet any business goals that you encounter. In your industry, the tides are ‘always’ changing and you are always looking for ways to become more efficient. Come to us to tap into our industry knowledge and get help coming up with incredible custom solutions that can give you the edge you are looking for in your industry. Our work is guaranteed!


Documenting our work is a priority

The requirements documentation, design documents, logs, user manuals. You name it; we already have it on our to-do list. This is one of the aspects of our business that gives us a great name in the industry. Documentation is the most important aspect of any successful project. Without it, maintaining it, learning it and/or debugging it would be a pain. Even for the company who created it; let alone if someone else took the project over one day.
Be rest assured, creating complete, up-to-date, accurate documentation is a major priority for us and will make sure you have everything you need following your project.


Database Driven Software

Software development is becoming more advanced and McNally Software is ensures that you are completely outfitted with the most up-to-date methods of what good software should be all about. We make your software as configurable as possible to make it as reusable as we can for you. At every turn ‘based on your needs’, we will drive your software with database driven techniques if it means in the end that performance, quality and reuse is the final result.

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