API Development

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface. It can be considered as a contract provided by one piece of software to another. You can also think of it like a library of reusable functions or methods that a developer may use to help them do their job. The reusable algorithms within an API allow a software program to take advantage of what services the API offers.

Some companies build API’s to sell them and some companies build them to use them internally.
Re-use is the key word in API speak… A good API will have behavior that can be re-used over and over in multiple applications. A good software architecture much of the time is totally dependent on a great API(s).

We can help you create the API that is right for you

Clients who come to us for our API Development services expect to be provided an API that sticks out from the rest. Not all APIs are equal. A strong API encourages other developers to use it and to continue using it.
In today’s world, there are a number of companies offering to build an API for their clients. Unfortunately, many API providers start implementing it without thoroughly considering all the success factors, resulting in work that fails to meet the mission objectives of the client. Other success factors that are commonly overlooked have to do with performance and space consumption.
Here at McNally Software, we take it all into account and “Guarantee our work”. You do not have to worry about paying for an API that your developers or your clients don’t want to use or an API that doesn’t meet your business objectives. We work closely with our clients using tested requirements elicitation techniques and design methodologies to determine what it is that our clients are looking for.


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