Having the right software to give your business an edge in your industry is crucial in today’s world.

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Having the right software to give your business an edge in your industry is crucial in today’s world. Having the right team behind you is just as critical to your success. Hiring us is “seemingly” no different than having an in-house team. You have us right at your fingertips with a dedicated project staff to coordinate with at every stage throughout the software development lifecycle. We will work directly with your in-house development staff or other departments if necessary or we are can be utilized as your team to the extent you need us and take on the roles necessary to be your team.

Our team of highly skilled software engineers will work on your project to deliver the most cutting edge technology to your front door. With effective requirements elicitation techniques, iterative designs and rapid prototypes, robust, high-performing, reusable code implementation with sound architecture and extensive rigorous testing, we are the software firm that can and will drive the project to a successful close for you within your budget and to your standards.

The FAQs

How can we make sure that we are within budget until project completion?

We have a very skilled team of engineers and designers on staff and have a proven track record of working within budget. You shouldn’t be surprised if we complete the project for you ‘under’ budget. However, if it comes right down to the wire for some reason, we will coordinate with you to make it work for everyone. Throughout the project, there is complete transparency which means you will be able to see all of the work being done in the work log inside your account.

How do we know that you are doing your job and being fair in terms of work / cost tradeoff?

This is one key aspect that differentiates us from all of our competitors. When you hire us, you end up with your own account where you can view the work log on the project in real time. There is nothing to hide and we have complete transparency with every bit of work we do no matter the project. You can log in at anytime to see where we are at and what the charge is for the work being done. Along with this, you will be able to see who your dedicated project manager is, their contact information, estimated delivery date, and estimated project cost. Lastly, right from your account, you can message your dedicated project manager for any reason to keep informed. We are all very responsive.

What geographical area is McNally Software based out of?

We are right here in the USA. You will not have to worry about scattered time-zones or other concerns that usually pop up from dealing with an off-shore firm. For our off-shore clients outside of the United States, we remove the communication obstacles that are normally present. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if we find a bug after the project is over?

We will fix it for you! No need to worry. You have the option to pay an annual fee to ensure continued support on your software that we create for you. This fee includes continued maintenance and 24/7 support on all our work. Even with general enhancement projects that you hire us for, we will be there for you. We will fix anything that comes up. Our work is sound and the quality is very high. Before it goes into production on your end, we run extensive tests on it to make sure that it will meet ‘all’ of your needs.

Do you provide maintenance and full time 24/7 support on all your work?

Absolutely. We do this for you for an annual fee. Every piece of software needs to be maintained. It is just life and it’s how things work. No matter where your software is created, you should plan a maintenance budget. With us, even our maintenance jobs are transparent. You ‘see everything you pay for’. There is nothing to hide and never will be. Everything we do is an open book for you to read. For the duration of you working with us (which after the first project you, it’s extremely unlikely you’d want to go somewhere else), you will have a dedicated project manager that you will develop a relationship with and contact for anything you need. Know this though… we will ‘always’ be there for you and your account will as well to see all past work.

Are there any hidden fees associated to any of your work?

Absolutely not. We are very upfront with you. After all we are not in the business of making our customers not want to come back to us. This is just part of that model. Every fee you have is provided directly to you prior to anything being done. Ultimately, we have no fees for anything except continued maintenance on our work. Our goal is to make you very happy with our services, that way you tell others about them. In our industry, word of mouth is where most of our business comes from. All we ask is that you spread the word!

Do we pay up-front?

In order for us to get started, we have initial costs associated with your project. We do require that half of the estimated project cost ‘is’ paid up-front. The remainder need not be released until the project is complete. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations. After-all we want you to come back to us and refer more business our way. That is how we grow. There is no need to worry about the half down half later concept. It is done in good faith, that way we can get the project off the ground on our end while at the same time giving you the chance to build trust with us as well.

Our company needs to remain compliant to certain standards in our industry…

We completely understand this and will work with you in every possible way to ensure that you stay compliant with all the standards that you require. Security is also a big pet peeve of ours. Your software will go through rigorous testing / security testing to ensure that your software meets our own standards as well as any other standards you must meet whether it’s PCI, SOX. HIPAA and so on… We will also provide the necessary documentation to help you show compliance.

Do you create full scale database solutions?

We can handle it all. Do you need a full scale database program? Maybe a couple stored procedures (packaged up and ready for your use)? Do you need a background job running continuously? Maybe a trigger on a table or some performance tuning? Perhaps you need an entire schema designed… We will do it all for you if you require it. As with all of our other work, databases are a major niche for us. All of our staff are experts in this arena and can give you very reliable, high performing work on the database side.

You can do all of this complex work… so what about general website design and development?

Websites were one of our first types of services offered here. Many start-ups need a website to get up and running and we are absolutely the go to. This here is the most inexpensive service we offer and can turn around high quality projects quite fast. No matter your needs, from small to extremely complex, we are more than capable of doing it for you. We are very competitive in this market as well, so don’t hesitate to get your start-up website quoted through us.

I have an invention idea but I have no idea where to start…

Many have been in your shoes. If you contact us, you can speak with one of our specialists in this arena who will get you on the right track to getting your first prototype. We will also help you patent your idea if you haven’t already. We are only a phone call away. Following a quick conversation with us, you will have many questions (or questions you haven’t thought of yet) cleared up for you.

I have funding for an invention idea but don’t know what to do next…

Understood… Don’t panic. Your product might just be the next one to really make it big in the world. Some people that have great ideas like yours might never leave the nest in terms of their idea. They don’t know where to turn or where to start. First you need a patent. You also need a prototype. Many companies will push you right through without giving you an honest idea of what it might cost you. Well, we believe in complete transparency and will be very upfront with you. These endeavors can be quite pricey. However, your idea is not something to just think about and not act on. This can be your big ticket to where you want to be in life. Don’t let the obstacles take you off your path. We will make it work for you one way or the other. Of course we are in business to make money, however, that is not all we are in business for. We want to have our hands touch the next big invention that hits the market that potentially changes the world. Even if we are just a stop along your journey to success.

What is your 100% Transparency Policy and what does that mean to me?

Yes! In fact, this is a key feature of our firm that sets us 100% aside from our competitors. It is important that you work with someone that can be completely transparent in every aspect of your project. To answer the how question: First you would create a secure account on our website. After you hire us, we will set up a project for you in a full blown project management system that you can view, access and control right from your account. Inside your account, you would click on the project and from there you will be able to view all the milestones, tasks within those milestones, upload documents, view documents which we upload, approve documents, see and approve estimates, pay invoices automatically or manually, and have full ‘secure’ discussions with your team categorized by the task and also a main discussion thread. Regarding the milestones and tasks, we constantly update the status and log what we have done for work on your project that given day. You will always know exactly where your project is and what you are paying for. Your trust is important to us and a great way to build that trust with you is by being 100% transparent while at the same time making the entire process unbelievably seamless and convenient for you.

How do we pay you?

You pay us right from the account that we set up for you right here on our website. Your account is secure. From start to finish, everything regarding your project can be seen and managed directly in your own personal account including approving estimates and making payments. Payments can be set up to be done automatically or manually. The choice is yours. There are also a number of payment options open to you. Examples are Paypal, your Bank Account or paying through our Sprout payment system using any type of card you may have.

Are payments secure?

Yes they are. The payments you make can be made right from your secure account that you will have set up for you. Estimates and invoices as they come, will be automatically populated in your account which you can approve or reject right then and there. Regarding the payments of your invoices, you will have a number of options open to you inside your account. You can use PayPal, your checking / savings account, or you can use our Sprout payment system to take your card information. We will never see or hear about your payment details.

What does it cost to outsource a project to McNally Software?

It really depends on the project. Projects can range from $200 to over $90K depending on your requirements. No need to worry. We are experts and will most likely be able to keep you within budget finding a solution that works for you and your business.

Working with

McNally Software

McNally Software specializes in the development of custom software with a niche in the manufacturing arena. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your project may be, or whether you require enhancements to existing software, bug fixes or a brand new custom software program. We have the skills, training, and track record to provide you grade A results.

Every client of ours is matched and assigned a dedicated project manager from our team of thoroughly vetted software engineers. We strive on 100% transparency in all of our work so you can see precisely in real-time what the cost to you versus work from us trade off is. With this built in feature, you have the ability to monitor your projects progress anytime you wish so you can see exactly what you are paying for. This is one of the key features that separate us from our competitors. You will have a sure fire way to contact your project manager at anytime through your account or through other various forms of communication.

We strive to provide results to you on time and within your budget. We pride ourselves on customer service which means you can expect a responsive customer support team whose only goal is to make you feel like you came to the right place.

About our

Founder & CEO

Prior to getting into the software business, Jeremy McNally attended the Colorado Technical University to earn his B.S. in IT with a concentration in Software Systems Engineering. After school he started working for a world class manufacturing corporation called Vicor where he learned the complex world of computer integrated manufacturing. There, he was offered a chance to go back to school for his M.S.C.S. with a concentration in Database Systems paid for by the company. He lead a team of engineers to automate countless processes around the factory for manufacturing, planning, test engineering and other various departments inclusive with developing decision support tools for other engineers to do their jobs and internal/external web applications for use by thousands of simultaneous users.

Jeremy started McNally Software with the sole intent on making this world a better place with the utilization of custom software to help companies become more efficient in their daily operations by automating manual work to save time and money allowing start-ups and other larger organizations to allocate those resources for other important business operations.

Jeremy stays very involved in all of the work done at McNally Software. You shouldn’t be surprised if he reaches out to you throughout the course of your project to make sure your needs are being met in every possible way.

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