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  • I've known Jeremy (the CEO of McNally Software) for many years. If there is one thing I know about him, he is a good, honest man who's dedicated to his work. I hired him to write a database program for me that would have taken us a long time to put together otherwise. As soon as we hired Jeremy and his team, the ball started rolling immediately. we were in the loop throughout the entire process. The design of the program went like clock-work and the implementation followed in the same foot-steps. In the end, all the work that was done was completely documented and the project was integrated and deployed. No issues have come up since. I'm personally very pleased with the team at McNally Software. They were great to work with and they get things done and done right.

    Erik Dwight
  • After dealing with numerous vendors that could potentially develop the complex software we were looking to have created, we came across McNally Software.  From the first conversation, the process has been nothing but smooth.  Of course, we ran into a couple snags along the way in the project itself but with the weighty demands placed on the McNally team, they came out on top.  Our project was completed with the utmost quality, surpassing every requirement we put on the table. Any worry we may have had in the beginning regarding the 'unknown', right after we hired McNally to work our project, we had a complete project management system to show us the milestones involved.  All the tasks were broken down in our account which were updated by McNally as the project progressed.  We could watch the entire project unfold right from our account on their site.  We could upload documents, approve documents, estimates, pay invoices and have full blown discussions with the McNally team in there as well. The bottom line is that, this recommendation is the least we could do.  We now have a complete custom quality piece of software that will change many aspects of our business going forward.  I would recommend McNally Software to "anyone" looking for a trustworthy, cost-effective, highly responsive software team. Thanks guys.  Will be talking to you real soon.

    Alan Weston
  • I'm pleased to say that hiring McNally Software proved to be a solid choice for our small organization.  They were affordable and went above and beyond.  The account they set up for me on their website made working with them very easy.  We were able to handle everything right from there and the project was completely transparent just like they advertise. In the end, they provided us complete documentation inclusive with a well performing, great software solution that meets our needs. McNally Software can expect our business moving forward when we are in need of software services. Thank you. Jim

    Jim S.

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